Our History

In 2016, the PEF Board of Directors decided that the training should allow students to receive accreditation. Partnering with the rich educational heritage of Graham Bible College, the School is underway and seeking applicants. Under the leadership of Dr. Rick Light, Rev. Al Baker, and Mr. Bill Adams, the School is named after Samuel Davies, an Evangelist whose heart was tuned to soul winning for the glory of God.

In a July 20, 1755 sermon entitled “In Times of War”, Rev. Samuel Davies says, “And, alas! in the midst of all these alarms--I see your inhabitants generally asleep, and careless of your fate! I see vice braving the skies; true religion neglected and insulted; mirth and folly have still their places of rendezvous. Let our country, let religion, liberty, property, and all be lost--yet still they will have their diversions! Luxury still spreads her feast, and unmans her effeminate guests. In spite of laws, in spite of proclamations, in spite of the principle of self-preservation, your officers are generally inactive, your militia neglected and undisciplined, your inhabitants unprovided with arms; everything in a defenseless posture; but few Abrahams to intercede for you; but few to stand in the gap, and make up the breach, to prevent the eruption of vengeance; but few mourning for the sins of the land!”

Indeed the cry is still the same even today.

Course Overview

  • Accredited Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Offered through Graham Bible College
  • Three years of study
  • A total of 36 credit hours
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Our Vision

Are you called?

Do you believe you are called to the work of an evangelist and specifically open air preaching? Does your heart burn with a passion for lost souls to hear the Gospel? If so consider attending the Samuel Davies Conference (SDC) hosted by Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. Rev. Al Baker, a seasoned church planter, pastor, and evangelist organizes the four-day training and outreach.

Consider the following as you pray about attending the SDC:

Faith in Jesus Christ comes by hearing the Gospel and the power of God unto salvation is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Hence the Lord calls and leads men into the highways and hedges to preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that they would be saved and the church edified. Paul calls this a ministry of reconciliation and beseeches men to be reconciled to God. Paul was hidden away for roughly 17 years prior to his being sent by the church at Antioch. This time for Paul was designed for him to learn the Gospel and to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. All of this was necessary to his fruitful ministry that laid the foundation for the church in the first century. From Paul’s example you can see there is a significant preparation and training aspect to ministry in general and open air preaching specifically that is intended to prepare you to be a fruitful minister.

In my 17 years many men have come and gone but those who persevere dedicate themselves to learning the skills of preaching evangelistically from the Scriptures, the methods of open air preaching and the spiritual disciplines necessary to withstand all of the distractions and demonic efforts to persuade you to quit.

The Samuel Davies Conference is designed to offer you specific techniques and strategies to help you fulfill your calling to preach the Gospel in the open air. Plan to join the SDC today and commit to growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of our great God and Savior and the salvation of the elect.